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ClerkePass-logoImage-X Enterprises, Inc. has created a county-based solution that focuses specifically on automating and securing the traditional and current method of fulfilling certified document requests. Through sending and receiving certified documents through an interface encrypted by 256-bit PKI, ClerkePass has the potential to offer a clerk and his/her clients with the utmost security for their sensitive documents. Although ClerkePass always emphasizes safety and security above all other priorities, they definitely don’t forget about user friendliness and convenience.

ClerkePass VIsual 2Through transforming the certified document process into an automated electronic method, counties can eliminate certain fallbacks associated with the traditional process. In addition to a clerk’s office possessing the ability to use it at no charge, ClerkePass eliminates customer waiting lines, the need to pay delivery, stamping, and paper fees, and the possibility of any misplaced, stolen, or tampered documents. Check out some of the great feedback we’ve been receiving from counties who have already implemented and began utilizing the ClerkePass solution:

  1. “I was surprised how quickly we began getting requests. The system works great.” – Cindy Robertson, Chief Deputy Clerk, Suffolk Circuit Court
  2. “ClerkePass saves resources – our customers appreciate the efficiency and ease of purchasing copies online.” – Sharon Vance, Skamania County Clerk
  3. “Amazing tool for those who need documents at their fingertips almost immediately! Saves you travel time and money! Very efficient and highly recommended! – Juanita S. Koch, Douglas County Clerk
  4. “This is a great service for the public. It makes it faster and easier for someone far away to obtain copies of their Superior Court documents.” – Kimberly Allen, Grant County Clerk
  5. “Quick and easy to use.” – Kathy Martin, Walla Walla County Clerk
  6. “This is very cool and very user friendly”. – Josie Delvin, Benton County Clerk
  7. “What a wonderful resource”. – Angela Phares, Clark County Deputy Clerk

As you can see, numerous counties have already benefitted, not just from our prominent security advantage, but also with our convenience advantages as well. Certified documents usually take days to send and receive between the clerk’s office and the client. With ClerkePass, certified documents can be sent and received in a matter of a few hours. Think about it. You’ll be receiving the best of both worlds. Visit the ClerkePass website to get more info and don’t forget to call (805)-964-3535 in order to schedule a free demo with our client specialist!

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- May 6, 2015
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