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cloud-305461_640There is little doubt that the revolution of cloud computing is upon us, with its vast improvements in data management technology, cloud computing has become a valuable resource for everyone from consumers and families to large organizations. The various platform users have been reaping the benefits of this wonderful solution to data storage needs. However, medium sized companies seem to be lagging behind the rest as many continue to adhere to the now outdated methods of large paper flow and storage. It is a rather interesting occurrence and one that can largely be attributed to an overall misunderstanding of the technology.

For example, fellow cloud software company, Citrix Systems conducted a survey of more than 1,000 Americans and discovered that just of last year, 51 percent of respondents believe stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing. This is research spanning all across the American adult demographic, including a majority of Millennials (the alleged tech savvy generation) and concludes that for one reason or another, most people are simply unaware of what cloud computing is and the benefits it presents. eSecureDOX has discovered similar findings in the workforce through its telephone surveys of various medium sized businesses in the Santa Barbara region and throughout the nation. The surveys included fields such as veterinarians, optometrists, attorneys, bail bondsmen, restaurants, and human resources. Multiple businesses from each field were asked (a.) If they handle a lot of paper documents and (b.) If they have heard of, or currently use, Dropbox or any other cloud platform. While the exact answers varied from place to place, the overarching theme eSecureDOX witnessed was that these businesses all handle a rather large paper flow but very few use any sort of cloud service. In fact, the vast majority of people running these businesses did not even know what the cloud was.

cloud-37010_640There are many rumors circulating around cloud technology that contribute to the platform’s veil of uncertainty and sometime negativity. For example, many falsely believe that in using a cloud platform, they are putting their information at risk. In fact, the complete inverse is true. The cloud can be thought of as a bank for your information- while it has lost the tangibility of files being stored in cabinet drawers right there in your office, it has given you easier access, more organization, disaster recovery, and enterprise level security. Security is a top priority for eSecureDOX and that is why it delivers enterprise-grade identity management and protection through password protection, file encryption, and electronic signatures – keeping your information in the hands of people you trust, and away from the ones you do not. In addition, many believe that the cloud service is not for them because it is too expensive. eSecureDOX is actually a free service, as one GB is completely free and any additional storage space is just $.89 per GB per month, and will give companies the freedom to pursue their core business instead of being distracted by their costly IT infrastructure, applications, and internal systems.

Many medium sized businesses prefer to stick to the traditional way of the hardcopy and file cabinet because it is the way they have always done things. While this may be the most familiar method for these businesses, it is also a severely limiting method. Cloud storage is a proven, roughly 20 year old platform. Not only will it make business more efficient, but its low upfront costs will reduce expenses for businesses restricted by tighter budgets that do not have the money to spend on large IT infrastructures and software. Do more with less is the name of the game for the cloud, as the platform will free up time so that businesses can focus their resources and energy on new products and services that generate income.

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- May 14, 2015
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