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  Since the beginning of written language, individuals have affixed their signatures to writings with the purpose of establishing their identity and intentions in regards to the involved document. EsignIt values the authenticity of identity and the responsibility encompassed with intended actions. The authenticated digital certification and data exchange offered through EsignIt guarantees security and originality - with every electronic signature.
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  Electronic signatures accelerate the pace of data exchange and lower the risk of forgeries on important documents. With Congressional approval in 2000, the “E-Sign Statute” legalized electronic signatures at worldwide locations. In accordance with statute requirements, EsignIt creates a simplified process for authenticating digital certificates used in citizen, business and government transactions.
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  Digital signatures
Legal documents e.g. Contracts, Agreements etc.
Healthcare documents e.g. AHCD, DNR etc.
Applications e.g. Insurance, Financial aid, School admission etc.
Financial Disclosure Documents
Documents associated with Federal or State approval i.e. FDA, FAA etc.
Documents associated with sensitive national security matters used by Local, State, Federal and International government agencies.
Digital signatures
Browser Setting for the Digital signatures
Digital signatures   Digital signatures
Digital signatures
  EsignIt has created a cost effective process to provide a digitally certified signature for every citizen. These signatures are applicable to:
Government to Citizen Transactions
Government to Business Transactions
Citizen to Government Transactions
Citizen to Business Transactions
Business to Business Transactions
Citizen to Citizen Transactions
Digital signatures
Digital signatures
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Digital signatures
Digital signatures
Digital signatures
Digital signatures
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