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    What's the ROI of Digital Signature?

The E Sign statute is the law in the United States and 90% of countries worldwide. Similarly, the EsignIt solution is increasing in state and government endorsement across the nation. With the growing acceptance of electronic signatures, EsignIt offers cost effective and easy to use digital services for all organizations. Investing in the implementation of electronic signature services offers incalculable rewards:

  • The elimination of all paper costs, storage space, and shipment expenses. This benefits not only the participating organization, but reduces paper waste and environmental threats worldwide.
  • The increase in transaction approval and turnaround rates. By saving time, customer satisfaction increases and business growth occurs at an increased pace.
  • The ability to complete transactions from almost any location. With access to the internet, whether by computer or phone, signatory transactions can occur any time, any place, increasing efficiency with ease.
  • The online storage of documents that allows instant retrieval and management.
  • The security and legality of a wet signature, without the hassles of hard-copy, in-person transactions.
  • The appeal of state of the art technology and modern business procedures
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