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Everyone is familiar with the ability to overnight important documents and the advantages this system provides – especially when those documents require the signature of another party. EsignIt offers the same process over the Internet, without the vulnerability associated with web-based transactions. Security is achieved by using 256 bit encryption for each document, allowing only those authenticated persons who receive consent the ability to access each document. EsignIt can eliminate problems associated with overnight delivery, such as high costs or delayed deliveries, without sacrificing security and privacy. As an environmentally friendly service, EsignIt can help save millions of dollars of transportation costs and polluting emissions. Americans today ship over 1 million paper documents every year using overnight services like UPS, FEDEX, or DHL, requiring hundreds of planes, millions of gallons of gas, and thousands of trees. Without wasting these resources, EsignIt allows the exchange of documents in the same day and hour, while providing secured storage and accessibility upon demand.

EsignIt is an associate of Image-X Enterprises, a global leader in document management, content management, workflow and electronic filing systems. Since its establishment in 1989, Image-X has created multiple solutions for document management problems related to government, healthcare, education and financial institutions. One such solution – ClerkePass - is the first ever authenticated document certification and storage system to provide electronic signature solutions for counties and state governments. Image-X has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1996 and a designated Gold Certified Partner since 2005. The communication division has teamed with Linksys, a division of Cisco to create VOIP business solutions. Image-X is a certified Select SMB partner with Cisco Systems, specializing in wireless & VOIP communications, networking, routing, data security and creating a roadmap to your company’s success and ROI growth. Visit and today for more information.
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