Everyone is familiar with countless documents that require signatures such as contracts, applications, official documents etc. In addition in today’s collaborative world these documents have to be shared using physical collaboration and in future electronic collaboration. The physical exchange of documents using overnight services like UPS, FEDEX, or DHL, requiring hundreds of planes, millions of gallons of gas, can be eliminated using electronic collaboration using Internet and digital signatures.

EsignIT offers this same process, without the vulnerability associated with web-based transactions. Security is achieved by using 256 bit encryption for each document, allowing only those authenticated persons who receive consent the ability to access each document.

EsignIT can eliminate problems associated with overnight delivery, such as high costs or delayed deliveries, without sacrificing security and privacy. As an environmentally friendly service, EsignIT can help save millions of dollars of transportation costs and polluting emissions.

Americans today ship over 1 million paper documents every year using overnight services. Without wasting these resources, EsignIT allows the exchange of documents, the same day and hour, while providing secured storage and accessibility upon demand.

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Digital Signature Service Providers

EsignIT is a registered certificate authority that provides internationally recognized digital certificates that can be used to sign documents that will meet, legal, security and privacy concerns. EsignIT has created the electronic process using its patented architecture (U.S. patent #8613105). Now you can throw out the traditional method of manually signing documents with wet 'ink' signatures and embrace the convenience and security of digital signatures as opposed to electronic signatures. An electronic signature is any electronic means linked or attached to an electronic document or message, such as copy-and-paste signatures, PIN #'s etc. as opposed to digital signature is a signature encrypted by digital certificate that is issued after authenticating the signer's identity and ensuring zero tampering of the signed electronic documents/messages.

Sign your documents remotely with the comfort of knowing that they are individually encrypted and legally binding. Avoid disastrous incidents of theft and fraud by taking advantage of the authentication and integrity features offered by our digital signatures.

Difference Between an Electronic & Digital Signature ?

An electronic signature is any electronic means linked or attached to an electronic document or message, such as copy-and-paste signatures, PIN #'s, fingerprints, and more. A digital signature is a classification of electronic signature encrypted by a digital certificate, implementing features measuring authentication and integrity in order to verify the signer's identity and ensure zero tampering to the signed electronic documents/messages.

Our Secure Products

Digital Documentation System that Provides Secure Transfer and Storage of Documents !
Now Transfer Your Documents Digitally and Securely using ImageX Products.


  • By digitally signing documents, you can ensure comfort in knowing that your documents are not being misplaced, stolen, or tampered with.
  • Go green by eliminating air and road travel for shipping your signed documents.
  • Save time by digitally signing documents rather than sticking with the traditional method of signing with 'wet' ink signatures.
  • Save money on paper, ink, and any unnecessary shipping/delivery fees.
  • Each of your digitally signed documents will be individually encrypted with a digital certificate, providing authentication and anti-tampering features.