SF Superior Court To Unveil First Court-Run E-Filing Portal To Allow Direct E-Filing For All General Civil Case Types


Image-X, Inc. was contracted by the San Francisco Superior Court to provide a new court-run e-filing portal, which was launched on December 8, 2014. The new portal is part of the Court’s desire to provide the public with multiple choices that comply with the e-filing mandate for all general/civil case types.

”The Court’s e-filing portal will give parties a cost-effective option to file directly with the Court”, said Court Executive Officer T. Michael Yuen. “In addition to the Court’s e-filing system, the public may also select one of four vendors to e-file cases. The San Francisco Superior Court is the first court in California to offer its own e-filing portal which meets the requirements of California Rule of Court 2.253 (b).”

Dr. Mohammed Shaikh, the president of Image-X, concurred with Mr. Yuen and added, “The court-run e-filing system was an ambitious undertaking and Image-X is proud that we successfully completed the task under two months to meet all of the requirements of the San Francisco Superior Court’s e-filing requirements dictated by California rule of Court 2.253(b).”

Initially, the court’s system will charge $10.80 per transaction and will be available to any individual or company to utilize through a link on the Court’s Web site (www.sfsuperiorcourt.org). In 2015, the court plans to expand the system further by offering e-services and other web based services.

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- May 12, 2015
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