How Can eSecureDOX Provide More Security for our Healthcare Sector?

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Financial Analysis


Medicare covers the hospital care expenses and subsidizes doctors services and drugs of people age 65 and older. Around one in eight Americans are enrolled in Medicare. Medicare totals up to around 15.2 percent of government spending. As more people enter retirement and the life expectancy increases in America, more senior citizens are looking to Medicare benefits for longer periods of time. Also, as medical care is becoming more advanced, the cost of Medicare is rising. This often leads to fraud and abuse of the Medicare system. Because doctors and hospitals make more money the more often they see patients, prescribe advanced drugs, and perform procedures, they often do so knowing that Medicare will cover the costs. Fraud and abuse costs Medicare around 70 billion dollars every year. Although we cannot fix the problems of Medicare, we can help reduce the costs of the healthcare industry through eSecureDOX.

Due to healthcare reforms, healthcare organizations face limited budgets, but have to meet increasing demands on products and services. Because of the increase in the aging population and decreased government compensation, healthcare providers have to focus on reducing costs. eSecureDOX allows health care providers to save money. eSecureDOX not only reduces the need of paper, it also eliminates the need to pay for expensive maintenance of infrastructure in order to maintain growing files. Also, the secure file encryption and password protection that eSecureDOX provides will help reduce the risk of fraud and loss of files, which would cost organizations more money. eSecure DOX also improves data and speed, which lessens the need of IT staff maintenance, and in turn reduces costs. Increased efficiency and productivity will also decrease overall costs, making eSecureDOX suitable for healthcare organizations on a limited budget.

Social Analysis


As people get older and are approaching the end of their lives, their family members and loved ones often have to face difficult decisions such as what they need in their wills, what type of caregiver they want, advanced directives, etc. Family members have to decide what is best for them, but most importantly, what is it that they want. eSecureDOX makes these difficult decisions easier when the time comes. eSecureDOX provides many services specifically customized for the healthcare industry. Advance Health Care Directive is a feature that allows people to create a living will to ensure that their health care wishes are known and considered in any case that the patients are unable to speak for him/herself. The living will describes the type of medical treatment the person wants under certain situations such as comas. The person also

decides whether they want a prolonged life under certain conditions, with treatments such as artificial life support. The Advanced Directives feature also allows people to create a legal document called the Health Care Power of Attorney. The document allows a person to be named as a proxy that makes all the healthcare decisions if the patient is unable to do so.

Advanced Directives allow patients to feel comfortable with the decisions that are made for them when they are unable to do so themselves, and relieves the stress that is put on family members and friends. eSecureDOX also allows users be a part of a Certified Document Network that uses a digital certificate of a patient to encrypt documents. Only the patient or a healthcare worker that has patients Orange Card can decrypt and view the documents. This prevents documents from getting into unauthorized hands, and allows patients to be able to see their own records. This also assures that the Advanced Directive is safe and available when needed. All of these up to date healthcare features provided by eSecureDOX can put family members and friends of senior citizens at ease and make health care providers more efficient.

eSecureDOX vs. Dropbox: Technical Advantages


eSecureDOX is one of the most affordable cloud computing services in the market. eSecureDOX gives users 7GB of free storage while charging only around $10 for another 10GB. Most cloud services only give 2-5GB for free and charges more for extra GBs. Dropbox, one of eSecureDOXs main competitors, only provides 2GB of free storage, requiring customers to get referrals or do other work for more. This makes eSecureDOX more affordable than many of its competitors. This can help reduce the costs accrued by healthcare organizations, while increasing productivity.

Figure 1: Free Cloud Storage





Apple iCloud


Google Drive





Healthcare providers would be able to access eSecureDOX from any computer from anywhere. This will allow users to view any documents and files that they have stored in eSecureDOX from their offices, homes, and anywhere they choose. This makes eSecureDOX a convenient service for healthcare organizations. Health care providers are often so busy that they have difficulty in finding time to read over medical records and paperwork during their work

hours. This often requires them to stay overtime to give paperwork the needed attention. eSecureDOX provides mobility so that health care providers can view documents remotely from their homes or while traveling. Dropbox does not have this feature, giving eSecureDOX another advantage over them.


Another feature that Dropbox does not have that eSecureDOX does is folder synchronization. eSecureDOX ensures that files and documents are updated in all locations that they are placed. This would be very useful to healthcare organizations because it keeps all their important files and documents updated so that there is no confusion on which version is the most recent one. This allows users to stay organized and timely regardless of how many folders and files are presently active.


Healthcare providers have a tremendous amount of records, documents, and files. eSecureDOXs unlimited file size limit allows users to upload and create files as large as needed without worrying about going over capacity. This is very important for workers in the healthcare industry who have many lengthy files. Dropbox has no file size limit when files are upload through the desktop or mobile apps, however, when uploaded through the website, theris a limit of 300 MB. 300MB is definitely not enough for users in the healthcare industry to provide adequate information for proper healthcare decisions.


Collaboration is another feature that eSecureDOX can provide. It allows different health care providers to collaborate on the same documents and access them at the same time when necessary. It also allows users to edit documents at the same time as those with whom they share their files. The healthcare industry often requires doctors and patients to collaborate on work, making this feature very useful for them. This feature allows users to see who is making edits and the changes that were made to documents. This adds to the productivity between doctors and their patients. It also helps create documents upon which both parties can agree. At this point, Dropbox does not have this feature.


eSecureDOX allows for users to track and save all versions of documents that were created throughout writing processes. Healthcare organizations often have to negotiate with patients and come up with documents that are agreeable between both parties. This often requires a lot of rewriting. The track version and versions saved features allows for users to refer to any old documents that were created during the writing process. This can help solve any disagreements between healthcare providers and their patients. The features also show when someone has edited the documents so that the otheparty can see the changes and decide whetheor not they agree with them. Although both eSecureDOX and Dropbox have the track version feature, eSecureDOX has the technical advantage because Dropbox only saves versions for up to 30 days. eSecureDOX saves versions for as long as the user wants. This is important for the healthcare industry because records are often required to be saved for at least 6 years, so old versions may be accessed if necessary for professional care.


eSecureDOX offers many workflow apps that are useful in the healthcare industry that Dropbox does not offer. They offer not only Microsoft Office, but many other unique apps such as Photoshop, Indesign, Autodesk, note taking app, and Salesforce. These are all necessary apps for healthcare providers that help them in creating and organizing documents.


eSecureDOX allows healthcare providers to upload and share photos and videos throughout the company or to the public. This is important to healthcare organizations because it allows doctors and surgeons to share photos of x-rays scans and how to videos that can further educate doctors and other healthcare providers. This is a feature that is necessary in the healthcare industry that Dropbox does not provide.


eSecureDOX allows users to share files in the simplest ways possible. Users can share files publically or to the people they choose by just sending out a link. Those who have access to the link will be able to view the files. Files can also be shared through email if users elect to share them to a specific group of people. eSecureDOX also allows users to create a distrubition list which contains all the names and contacts of people that the documents can be sent to. The list can also be categorized by groups so that users can easily choose certain groups to send files files to. Health care providers are constantly sharing and sending out files to people within their companies or to their patients, making eSecureDOX’s simple file sharing a necessity. Although Dropbox has the simple file sharing capabilities, it does not have the option of a distribution list and only allows users to share documents but not pictures. eSecureDOX however, allows users to share files, photos, and videos.


All files that are shared through eSecureDOX have password protection and file encryption. This allows for users to send personal documents securely without the worry of being hacked. This feature is necessary for health care providers because they often upload and share important documents that contain personal information such as signatures, social security numbers, and health records. By using eSecureDOX, patients do not have to worrabout their personal information being jeopardized. They will feel more comfortable providing electronic signatures and any other important information. Dropbox may have file encryption, but does not have password protection. They also do not have the electronic signature feature, which provides additional security, convenience and timely response.


Electronic signature is a feature that definitely puts eSecureDOX above many of the other cloud computing services, including Dropbox. Healthcare providers constantly need approvals for documents and files through signatures. Electronic signature provides this capability. Instead of using mail or transportation to get documents to the right people to have them manually signed, documents can be sent and signed electronically. This saves both time and money. The documents can then be safely stored in eSecureDOX without the worry of them being damaged or lost.


Unlike Dropbox users, eSecureDOX users have the option to send notifications to the people with whom they share their files. They can send reminders of the date certain documents need to be read and signed or create discussion forums where certain topics can be covered. This allows for people to communicate about what needs to get done. This is important for people in the healthcare industry because they are always trying to meet deadlines. It allows them to collaborate with other people to create the best work possible. Videoconferencing is also an option in this feature that allows users to communicate through video. Meetings can be held virtually to discuss any business or issues pertaining to the projects on the agenda.


Account branding allows for healthcare organizations to market themselves by enabling them to customize their files and folders to include the company logo or pictures. This allows people who view the files to better recognize the company in the future and to increase the popularity of organization to potential patients or investors. This is an important feature that is not available to Dropbox users.


eSecureDOX allows users to connect with one another through the eSecureDOX community. Users can start discussion forums with one other, see what everyone else is doing, and collaborate on any common projects, which is a feature that is not provided by Dropbox.


Another feature that eSecureDOX has that Dropbox does not, is that files in eSecureDOX can be saved in any format, whether it is Microsoft Word, PDF, JPEG, etc. This allows for easy file sharing, downloading, and uploading because eSecureDOX is compatible with all file types so certain files do not have to be converted. This is important in the healthcare industry where many different types of documents that are uploaded each day.


eSecureDOX does not only allow users to communicate in English. Many healthcare clients are not fluent in English, making it hard for them to read files that are written in English. eSecureDOX not only allows users to program the service to another language, it can also translate documents into another language. This is useful for healthcare providers in order for them to better communicate with their patients. Other vendors do not provide as manlanguages or updated translations.

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- May 12, 2015
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