USA eNotary: The Future of Notarization

There is no questioning the importance of document legitimacy in transactions that require a signature. Fraudulent documents and forged signatures can spell disaster for companies, opening them to legal issues and cancelled contracts. Notarization solves these issues by guaranteeing the validity of important documents and signatures.

Notarization is the official process by which a signature and seal are used to confirm that both the document and signature are legitimate. However, the current process of getting documents notarized is not only expensive, but also time consuming. Currently, notarization requires that you be physically present before a notary in order to have your documents signed and notarized. This is the 21st century. Isn’t there a faster and easier way for notarization to take place?

USA eNotary, created by Image-X Enterprises, Inc., is the solution to all this. It allows notaries to notarize records electronically, which is all done online on a computer, saving you time and money. eNotarization has been approved in 18 states within the United States, but only Virginia allows for notarization via Skype, which is the next step in efficiency for the notarization process, pioneered by USA eNotary.

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Here’s how it works. First, the user emails USA eNotary to schedule an appointment with a notary. The user must have access to Skype, a video calling program. The notary then connects to the user via Skype, and authenticates the user by taking a picture of their face with their ID (driver’s license, passport, etc). Next, the user signs the document electronically while the notary is watching on the video call, and then the document is officially notarized. The user receives an electronic copy that can be forwarded and shared with anyone. The notary likewise must keep an electronic register of each notarization performed. The entire process can be completed without either the user or the notary ever leaving their desks.

eNotarization uses a digital signature to authenticate advanced reports and approves it using a computerized seal. After being inputted into the electronic archive, the documents cannot be altered by anyone. If a document is altered by any means, the system makes that very obvious, so that document fraud cannot occur. USA eNotary utilizes cryptography and public key framework to make, oversee, utilize, and store the documents safely and efficiently.

USA eNotary strives to create an efficient and inexpensive notarization process that can meet the needs and demands of a technologically advanced lifestyle. Since it is all done electronically and online, there is no need for wasting hours on transportation, which leaves you more time in the day to do other important matters or just enjoy life. eNotarization is the future for all notaries. Visit and try out a demo for yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to contact USA eNotary at 1-800-207-6807 or by email at

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- April 27, 2015
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