It's easy to securely share files with cloud-based document management.

The cloud and PKI encryption: A match made in technology heaven

Public key infrastructure encryption is the technology hidden beneath secure systems. Encrypted keys allow individuals to communicate over a secure connection and determine user identity even in cases where the communicating parties have never met face-to-face. Cloud-based document management systems like ESecureDOX and other important business tools offer distinct advantages, making it clear that cloud environments and PKI encryption are an easy match.

Background on the cloud

The cloud, though certainly not a new concept, is quickly becoming one of the most defining technologies of the last few years. Verizon's 2016 State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud report published in November 2015 found that close to 87 percent of enterprises are now using the cloud for mission-critical applications, and 66 percent claimed that these virtual environments are helping them re-engineer business processes. The market for the cloud and its various verticals also looks positive for the next few years, at least.

"The cloud can have a distinct impact on business processes."

Why use cloud-based tools?

There are plenty of reasons to use the cloud. This technology has been touted by IT professionals as having a distinct impact on business processes, and the flexibility offered is unrivaled by on-premises systems.

One clear reason to migrate data and applications to the cloud is to keep information secure. Enterprise IT managers have been traditionally wary of the security of cloud environments. In 2014, GigaOM Research reported that concerns about data protection was one of the main inhibitors of cloud adoption, as 46 percent of leading-edge buyers and 63 percent of mainstream buyers deemed that security was a hassle in the cloud.

However, in 2016 and beyond, there is ample evidence that suggests this paradigm is about to shift for the better. According to a recent survey conducted by Rackspace, security is actually going to drive cloud adoption this year, reported ITProPortal. While 61 percent of IT executives cited cost-effectiveness as a reason for making the move to the cloud, and 50 percent said disaster recovery capabilities, a full 38 percent of respondents maintained that security was one of the main drivers of migration.

Putting the two together: PKI encryption and the cloud

As security becomes more of a driver for cloud adoption, many look to the encryption technologies used along with cloud-based tools. Effective cloud solutions (like electronic document management systems) offer a few distinct benefits, especially when they're paired with PKI encryption:

  • When used in conjunction with other products within an organization's technology strategy, the cloud can provide a great resource for organizing important documents and keeping them safe from theft.
  • This technology can provide an avenue for communication between parties that have never met in person.
  • PKI encryption guarantees that the user is who he says he is. A certificate authority binds a person's identity to a signature and allows individuals to send messages to one another via a secure channel. If you have a digital certificate, it's legally binding that you, in fact, are the person behind your signature.

Cloud-based document management systems are made more secure with PKI encryption technology. IT executives surveyed by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services noted that collaboration is the most important advantage of deploying data and applications in the cloud – and encryption makes it even easier to share data and documents securely.

These kinds of cloud-based tools can also help strengthen compliance in industries where it's absolutely critical, like the medical field and legal system. In today's complicated medical landscape of electronic health records and protected health information, it's crucial for health care organizations to invest in the right kind of technology that will enhance their compliance and make sure they're up to date on these kinds of standards. Cloud-based tools strengthened by encryption technology – like the ESecureDOX document management software – help to maintain compliance with guidelines like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which states that confidential PHI be handled in a secure manner.

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- January 28, 2016
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