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e_Filing_logoAs a legal professional, you’re well aware of how painful the process of filing cases can be. Whether you’re an attorney or a court clerk, the process is time consuming, and quite a bit of work as well. Luckily, E-Filing is here to help simplify a huge amount of that process for you, no matter what your role in it. E-Filing automates the entire case filing process, saving paper, work, and valuable time that could be spent more productively.

When case filing is completed using paper and ink, it is difficult and expensive. On the attorney side, a form and brief need to be filled out, printed, and sent to the court, usually by sending paralegals or other representatives down to the courthouse. Then, any errors on either forms or briefs that cause cases to be rejected require attorneys to send a representative back to the courthouse to make any necessary changes. Money is wasted on each of these steps: printing all of the large documents, travel expenses, and payment of the representative that delivers the documents all eventually add up to create a significant expenditure.

With E-Filing, once attorneys have filled out the form and brief, they can send both documents directly to court over the Internet almost instantaneously, freeing up representatives for more important work. This process is entirely secure: nobody can access the files except for the attorney who files the case, and representatives of the court. Also, although courts may not always be open, cases can be filed through E-Filing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that attorneys can complete the process at their own convenience, without having to wait on court hours. In addition, changes can be made to the documents at any time, so that errors can be corrected without ever leaving the office.


On the court side, once the documents have been submitted, court clerks have to try to decipher attorney handwriting on the submitted forms, enter the data into a case management system, and then generate case numbers and stamp the documents accordingly. Clerks then have to store the case files in an organized manner, so that they can be accessed later. Money and time are wasted on each of these steps as well: it takes time to figure out what attorneys have written and enter that data into the case management system, stamping documents wastes ink and requires stamp purchases, and storing documents wastes office space, as well as time. And documents can easily be lost or improperly filed, causing problems for attorneys, clerks, and clients. All of this time could be spent more productively.

With E-Filing, the vast majority of this process is automated. The forms are filled out electronically, guaranteeing readability. And, crucially, the data from these forms is automatically entered into the case management system. This saves a tremendous amount of time for clerks, allowing them to process additional cases. In addition, case numbers and other stamps can be placed directly on the electronic copy, so that the clerk doesn’t have to waste time finding or changing the correct stamps. Finally, E-Filing automatically stores the documents, so that they can be reviewed electronically, saving clerks time and energy that it takes to properly store the documents, and preventing any issues that result from improper storage.

The E-Filing process mainly utilizes two technologies, using a patented process. The data from forms is converted into XML data, which tags each piece of data so that it is automatically entered into the correct fields in the case management system. The second technology is EDAR, which attaches the data from each form to the document created for the brief, so that the brief and the data from the form can be viewed together in one file, allowing for seamless and easy access of all of the relevant information at the same time.

No matter which side of the process you’re on, E-Filing will cut costs, effort, and work. The advantages are many, and the disadvantages don’t exist. Bring your case filing systems into the 21st century by switching to E-Filing today!

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- May 11, 2015
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