Sally Beauty Supply Suffers Network Breach

imagesAfter its 2014 breach, Sally Beauty Supply is once again warning its users to watch out for another network intrusion. Sally Beauty Supply is a retailer based in Texas, reporting $3.8 billion of revenue in 2014 as well as operating over 4,800 stores all over the world. During its payment card data breach in 2014, over 25,000 accounts were compromised.

Starting on April 27, Sally Beauty Supply began to receive warnings that led to its data breach confirmation on May 4. Apparently, strange card activity was taking place in regards to payment cards utilized at some of its US store locations. Continue to follow the updates on this possible Sally Beauty Supply data breach by checking Encrypt your data today! Utilize ESignIT’s digital signature solutions to store your personal information as well as encrypt your sensitive activity, such as financial transactions, sending medical info, etc. Visit to find out more!

Category: Data Breach

- May 5, 2015
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